What are the main injuries caused by forklifts?

Knowing the potential pitfalls for forklifts and practising safe operating procedures can help drivers avoid accidents and injuries. Driving slowly with the load lowered also improves visibility and reduces forklift injuries. With proper training and safety protocols, it is possible to operate a forklift correctly and safely and prevent preventable workplace injuries and fatalities. Serious … Read more

What is an FLT licence?

An FLT licence is just an abbreviation of a Forklift Licence… FLT=Fork Lift Truck. You need a licence/certification for high risk work if you want to operate a forklift truck. If you are driving on public roads, you must also hold a valid UK driving licence and the vehicle must comply with the relevant road … Read more

Forklift Fails 2019

Yep, It’s that time of year again when we look at those who obviously haven’t done their training. Luckily in most cases it’s just equipment getting damaged but it could be a whole lot worse. Anyway… here are some 2019 forklift fails to remind you how not to do it.