Forklift Hire

Why Hire?

There are many reasons why you may choose to hire rather than purchase a forklift and these include the following:

New Equipment – When hiring forklift trucks in most circumstances the vehicles will not be older that two or three years and it means that they’re always equipped with the latest technology. They will also have undergone routine checks and maintenance before reaching you so you have maximum reliability and safety ticked off. Forklifts will also be generally covered by standard breakdown support.

Next Day Delivery – Many providers will be able to offer next day delivery so if your needs are urgent, one of your older trucks has broken down, or you have a deadline to stick to then you will know that you can quickly be up to speed and get what you need done without having the deadlines you would get with purchasing a forklift.

Write Off The Cost Of Hiring – Hire costs are fully tax-deductible as operating expenses.

Financial Flexibility – When hiring you won’t have the burden of a large financial outlay of a long-term investment and renting gives you greater flexibility.

Short Term Needs – Sometimes you will need extra capacity for but a limited amount of time so why not hire? That way you can cease the hire agreement when your needs lessen.

Types of Hire

Short term hire as the names implies can means you can enter into a short agreement, anything from 24 hours to an open-ended rolling agreement with the option to return the truck whenever you decide.

Contract hire is the term for longer hire periods and will generally be from 6 months up to 6 years. The longer the contract, the lower the hire rates, and this is a popular option of acquiring forklift equipment without a large capital outlay and allows you to budget for your fixed monthly costs. Often included in the hire agreement will be maintenance, upkeep, etc of the trucks so that is one less responsibility for yourself.