Forklift Operator Definitely Has The Skills

It may not be exactly useful, and there are definitely more practical things to use a forklift for but we just had to give credit to the guy below for his skills in not only picking up a coin but putting it in a bottle!

Top 20 Forklift Manufacturers in 2013

It really is a two horse race for who would be the top manufacturer by forklift sales and revenues in 2013 and it will come as no surprise to see that Toyota came out on top followed closely by the Kion Group. If you’re working with Forklift trucks then there is a high likelihood that … Read more

Should I Buy an Electric or Propane Forklift?

You are given many choices when buying a new forklift for your business. You will find many brands that with the right care and maintenance will last for many years. One important choice you will have is the fuel source. The most popular forklifts are propane and electric. You should completely understand all the benefits … Read more

Forklift Safety

It’s worth constantly remembering that safety with forklifts is of the utmost importance as they can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Forklifts are industrial vehicles made to take the place of manual lifting and manual work. There are two “forks” or arms located at the front of the vehicle that are used to … Read more

German Forklift Safety Video

You really should take more care and get the proper training when operating a Forklift truck and in this German video Klaus shows us how not to go about things! It really is quite funny until you remember how some people can behave when incorrectly trained or when they don’t think. Is it time for … Read more

Man freed after forklift truck tips over

On Tuesday 28th May 2013 fire crews were called to the Stewart Milne building site in Kirkhill Rise, Gorebridge, Midlothian on reports of a forklift truck tipping over and trapping a main in the cab of the truck. The 21 year old had hurt his spine and chest as a result of the accident and … Read more

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